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Your black cat snaps

After some animal rescue shelters said we're falling out of love with black cats, we asked for your pics of them. They say some people don't think they look good in photos. But these guys don't agree!
Tabitha says Rafiki is one of her best friends but sometimes he can be very grumpy! He looks pretty serious in this picture. She says it's outrageous that people think black cats look bad in photos. Rafiki is one handsome ball of fluff!
Black cat outside
Seren's sent us this snap of her fantastic feline Chase. She says he's a rescue cat and she loves him because he's so cute! Nice basket Chase!
Black cat in basket
Kaia and Edie have sent us these snaps of their moggie Maggie! They think she's gorgeous. As you can see, she enjoys playing hide and seek!
Black cat doing silly things
Now look at Marvel - he is meow-vellous! He's Holly's cat and she says she loves him because he's so fluffy!
Black cat in bag
Here's Skittles! She's certainly not camera shy. Look at those big eyes and pointy ears. She looks purr-fect!
Black cat
11 year old Katherine says she loves black cats because they're cute and elegant. Her Bengal cat looks a bit surprised here. She must in shock that some people think black cats don't look good in photos!
Black cat
Here's black cat George and his sister Bella. William says he loves them both so much because they're friendly and playful. They look like a mischievous pair!
A black cat and a grey cat
Now where do you keep your cat? The sink!? This is Aleaha and Layla's cat Kitty. She looks pretty settled in there!
Black cat in sink
Joshua's sent us this fab pic of his cat Elle. Ok we know she has a bit of white on her, but she's too cute not to include!
Black cat
Simba is a very smart cat with a great bow tie! We dare you to say he doesn't look cute!
Black cat in pink bow tie
12 year old Aliya's sent us this photo of her cat Sherlock. She says she wanted to share it to show everyone black cats are beautiful! Job done Aliya!
Black cat face