How kids in Norway recycle plastic bottles

One of the big questions at the moment is how to cut the amount of plastic we use and throw away - and the UK is looking to Norway for the answer.

The UK government has a team in Norway to find out more about their bottle return scheme, which they use to recycle plastic bottles.

Some people there call it a 'reverse vending machine'. But how does it work?

Well, in Norway, you have to pay a bit extra to buy things in plastic bottles.

Then, once you've finished with the bottle, you put it into a special vending machine.

The machine then gives you a voucher for money back.

It seems to be working - as Norway recycles 97% of all its plastic bottles.

Scotland has already announced it wants to bring a scheme like this in in, and the rest if the UK is investigating.

Check out these eco-conscious kids in Norway as they show us more.

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