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Otters, wild boar piglets, and more!

Check out these animals ahead of tonight's Winterwatch
These wild boar piglets have been spotted in the Forest of Dean
Wild boar pigletsArron Roberts
Did you know Ptarmigans have feathers on their eyelids?
White ptarmigan in snowMark Ranner
Red squirrels were once the only squirrel species in Europe but now they're classified as near threatened in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Red squirrelsMike McKenzie
This sparrow has clearly had a rough night!
Sparrow birdJohn Purchase
Otters live in holts around water edges and bubbles of air trapped in their fur make them look silver underwater
Otter in the waterKevin Robson
Three is often a crowd, but not on this branch!
Three birds on a branchTony Stamp