Tallulah the tortoise is found six months after escaping from her garden

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Tortoise with monkey emojiCheney School
Tallulah the missing tortoise

Tallulah, a nine year old tortoise, was found this week just 322 metres away from where she had gone missing.

She escaped from her garden when she came across a small foxhole in her garden and disappeared.

How long had she spent travelling 322 metres?

Six months!

Picture of girls at school with tortoiseAFP
Pupils at Cheney School who found the missing tortoise

She definitely wasn't in a hurry. It was more of a slow pod than a great escape, as she went through her neighbour's back garden, past the house and through her neighbour's back garden, past the house and through their front garden, carefully crossing a rather busy road and finally, making her way into a school field. This took SIX months. Yes - half a year.

It has been calculated she travelled at a speed of less than 0.00005 mph. She survived two snowfalls, dodged birds and managed to cross a road! And we thought it was cats who had 9 lives.

The tortoise was found by a somewhat 'shell-shocked' group of Year Seven children at the Cheney School some 4,368 hours later after she first set off.

Tallulah was reunited with her owners and the RSPCA animal collection officer Grace Mead said: "She looked like she had lost weight and possibly had an issue with her eye'

"We now hope she makes a full recovery and does not go on any more adventures"