Teen romances: are they bad for your grades? You have your say.

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What do you think about people having a boyfriend or girlfriend at school?

Do you think it's ok or do you think it can be a distraction from school work?

Well, one head teacher has told his pupils that having a relationship at school could lead to bad exam marks.

He even said that being in a teenage romance could harm your chances of going to university.

So we wanted to know what you think?

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Your say: Teen romances and grades

You've also been having your say in vote page here and you were split right down the middle. Half of you thought relationships were fine, but half thought they could be bad for your school work.

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You guys voted and were split down the middle on whether school romances were good or bad for your school work

Why are we talking about this?

Toby Belfield, who is the principal of Ruthin School in Denbighshire in Wales, wrote an email to all students to try to put them off the idea.

He said that he thought pupils in relationships at school were at danger of "underachieving" in their school work.

Ruthin SchoolDavid Medcalf/ Geograph
Ruthin School is an independent school in Wales

The Head said that, though kids at the school who were in a relationship wouldn't be told off or expelled, he wanted them to "review" their situation.

He says that having a boyfriend or girlfriend is a distraction from school work and the "emotional turmoil" or drama of a relationship can stop people fully concentrating at school and achieving their potential.

Toby Belfield
Toby Belfield said he wanted to put pupils off teenage relationships at school

Newsround got in touch with Mr Belfield and he said he admits he is very strict about behaviour and his rules aren't always the usual ones.

But he says that he's very proud of his students and told us that unlike "the views of some in the UK, I believe that most teenage romances negatively affect academic outcomes".

We want to know what you think about what Mr Belfield is saying,..

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This chat is closed, here are some of our comments

We understand where the headmaster is coming from, however we feel like the move is very drastic and unneeded as this rule will just make people want to retaliate.

Katie and Rebecca, age 13, Cumbria.

I think it is a distraction and I think it just causes trouble. You should focus on relationships outside of school.

Arshiya, age 11

I see where he is coming from as he is trying to protected his pupils and help them however I disagree with what he is saying as he is not letting he's pupils make mistakes.

Abby and Jaz

We agree to some extent that the emotional drama would cause distraction but he is not realising that this is a part of life and that he needs to allow his pupils to make mistakes. He is not seeing them and people but as things he can control.

Eleasha and Hannah

I personally think that by limiting this choice of freedom it is not allowing the children to make mistakes that shape them to be the person they will grow to be.

Kasey, age 13

I agree to a point with the head teacher who has decided that a relationship is a distraction. His comment that people can get distracted is true but he is not giving the students the freedom that they deserve. School is balanced between a place to learn and a place to socialise but he has taken away that balance.