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London lights up for Lumiere festival

If you're feeling gloomy in the winter darkness, this London light show is for you...
The UK's capital city is lighting up for a four-day light festival called Lumiere London. Here's one of the spectacular transformations of a building taking part. Westminster Abbey has been lit-up in rainbow-coloured fashion.
Westminster Abbey in lightsGetty Images
If you're missing the Christmas lights during these cold and dark January nights here's a way to brighten them up. How about taking a stroll through these light pyramids on your walk home from school?
Light installationGetty Images
There are more than 50 pieces of artwork lighting up the city include some bright animals near to the busy Leicester Square, like this frog. Ribbit!
Frog sculptureGetty Images
This light artwork is called Waterlicht and is on display near London's King's Cross station. These dogs are getting involved too, with their light-up collars. Looking good guys!
WaterlichtGetty Images
Nearby are these illuminated flower-like reflectors too. There are thousands of them - a tribute to fields of wheat that shimmer in the wind as the seasons pass. And they're clearly a good photo op too!
Lights near Kings CrossGetty Images
Here's something very familiar - a desk lamp. This one has a slight difference to one you might have at home - it's absolutely gigantic!
Giant lampshadeGetty Images