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Feeling hot! Sydney hits record temperatures

People in the Australian city of Sydney have been sweltering in the heat, after it recorded its hottest day since 1939 yesterday.
The temperature hit a scorching 47.3C yesterday, making Sydney the hottest place on Earth - and the heatwave has continued today. Here, we can see families cooling off at Darling Harbour.
Children playing in fountainGetty Images
You can see how hot it is just by looking at the crowds who were watching the final Ashes cricket match between Australia and England. Sun hats were out and tops were off - we do hope everyone was wearing suncream!
Cricket spectatorsGetty Images
It wasn't just the spectators feeling the heat though. France's Kristina Mladenovic, seen in this picture, apologised after temperatures forced her to pull out midway through her match against Australia's Ellen Perez in the Sydney international tennis tournament. A journalist also said on social media that the heat had meant three photographers' cameras at the match had stopped working.
France's Kristina MladenovicGetty Images
Elsewhere, severe fire warnings were issued for the greater Sydney area. Fire bans were put in place to reduce the risk of wildfires breaking out, after some blazes (like the one being put out in this photo) were already recorded. Between December 2016 and February 2017, more than 200 weather records were broken across Australia, showing how extreme the weather has been.
Helicopter putting out a wildfireGetty Images
To try to cool down in the extreme heat, lots of people headed to the area's famous Bondi beach near Sydney over the weekend. The forecast has said that some rain is on the way, which will probably be very welcome indeed.
Beach goersReuters