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Storm Eleanor: the trampolines that were blown away

Boing-boing bye-bye! These "flying trampolines" made some unusual journeys when Storm Eleanor hit the UK.
It's been really windy this week, with Storm Eleanor causing problems across the UK. But power cuts and road closures weren't the only things you had to deal with. Some kids lost their trampolines to the wind. And some of the trampolines caught up in the storm were found in some unusual places. Shoppers in Johnstone near Glasgow had a surprise when they found this one wedged between a local shop and the bus stop.
A trampoline stuck between a shop and a bus stop.
Two flying trampolines found their way onto train tracks near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.
Trampoline on train trackNetwork Rail
A train had to stop while the trampolines were cleared out of the way.
Trampoline on train trackNetwork Rail
One kid's loss is another's gain - this trampoline found its way into the wrong back garden in Leeds, though it looks like it might not have survived the journey.
A trampoline which has been blown into a gardenPA