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In pics: Storm Eleanor batters country

Strong winds have caused power cuts and huge waves in parts of the UK and Ireland.
Parts of the UK woke up today to strong winds and rain today thanks to Storm Eleanor. Thousands of homes were left without power and warnings are in places for winds of up to 80mph in Wales, England, most of Northern Ireland and parts of southern Scotland. This photographer in the North West of England is tiny compared to the giant wall of water and foam crashing against the wall in front of her.
a woman takes a picture of a huge waveGetty Images
Storm Eleanor brought 70-100mph gusts of wind and torrential rain to some parts of the UK and Ireland. You can see just how powerful Eleanor is by how fierce the sea looks! Who would want to be a fish in weather like this...
A huge wave with cranes and a light house in the backgroundGetty Images
France also caught some of the devastation being handed out by Storm Eleanor. Check out these massive waves battering the sea defences in Wimereux, northern France.
A wave crashes against the sea wall inGetty Images
These guys must love the sea because the water doesn't seem to be bothering them that much! It's not difficult to imagine how ships get sunk by the power of wind and water. Here in Aberystwyth in west Wales, waves crashed against the sea wall overnight and plenty of people got down to catch a glimpse of the power of the storm.
waves crash against a sea wall in AberystwythReuters
Here's another picture from Aberystwyth with waves crashing against the sea wall.
Waves crash against the sea wall in Aberystwyth in west Wales as Storm Eleanor hits the UK causing power cuts and road disruptionPA
The winds were strong enough to blow trees down in Fortwilliam Park in north Belfast in Northern Ireland. More than 12,000 homes have no electricity in Northern Ireland, while there are 2,700 properties without power in England and 460 in Wales.
Trees down in Fortwilliam Park, north BelfastAdrian Mullan
The storm has caused windy and rainy weather across the UK, including the capital, London.
The storm has caused windy and rainy weather across the UK, including the capital, London.EPA
The storm has also hit Ireland - this street in Galway was flooded. Despite the Christmassy lights you can see a woman trying to protect her shop from the water.
The storm has also hit Ireland - this Christmassy street in Galway was flooded.Michael Scott/Twitter/ PA
This car park was also flooded in Galway, Ireland. There are 50 flood warnings in place in England, more than 30 in Wales and more than 10 in Scotland.
This car park was also flooded in Galway, Ireland.@gneote/Twitter/PA