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Animal Magic: 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

There are some seriously funny animal photos in this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards competition!
This dormouse has had a fit of the giggles! Do you think it's those flowers tickling its tummy? Or maybe it's just spotted the owls in the next picture...
Dormouse sitting in flowers appears to be laughingAndrea Zampatti
Tibor Kercz won an award for this poor little clumsy owl falling off a branch. Well we all have off days don't we? Its friends are looking away but they're probably 'owling with laughter inside.
Owls on a branchTibor Kercz
Looks like someone is in a bit of a hurry, rudely pushing this poor fish out of their way! That's turtle-y uncalled for, don't you think?
A turtle slapping a fish in the faceTroy Mayne
We can only imagine the beautiful harmonies these two mudskippers are making together. Do you think they're grime artists?
Two mudskippers open mouthed in Thailand.Daniel Trim
"Bet you can't do this!": Is that shock or horror on the seal's face? Either way that look is hilarious!
A seal looks shocked at another seal turning its head.George Cathcart
Um, how do we put this politely? There might be something on your face there! Yeah, just above, around, underneath... Do you want a napkin? Or is it a grass moustache?
Wild rabbit with grass in its mouth.Olivier Colle
Monkey Business: Look at these two monkeying around!
Two monkeys sit on a mopedKaty Laveck-Foster
Do you think this fox managed to get a hole in one?
Fox sits over a hole in a golf courseDouglas Croft
We have no idea what this adorable sea otter is celebrating, but it makes us want to celebrate too!
Sea otter celebratingPenny Palmer
Ducks away: This bird has been turbo-charged or is it just hiding a jet plane?
A duck with an air jet stream behind it.John Threlfall
What's so funny? Something has tickled this African wild dog's funny bone, but it looks like the rest of the pack don't know what it is....
An African wild dog laughs next to its packTina Stehr
This wildebeest is wishing for wings! I've heard of a piggy back but never a wildebeest back! Keep dreaming big.
A wildebeest stands above its herd.Jean-Jacques Alcalay