Grenfell six months on: Memorial service for victims held

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Grenfell heartGetty Images

A memorial service for the victims of a huge fire at the Grenfell Tower in London has been held.

Today marks six months on since the fire which happened in June 2017.

Relatives of the victims, members of the royal family and fire-fighters came to St Paul's Cathedral in London to honour the people who died.

Special songs were sung and children scattered green hearts in memory of the 71 people who died.

Members of the royal family went to the serviceGetty Images
Princes William and Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge came to show their respects.

The Right Reverend Graham Tomlin who took part in the multi faith service said it was important to remember what had happened.

He said: "In years to come, our hope is that the name of Grenfell will not just be known as a symbol of sorrow, of grief or injustice, but a symbol of the time we learnt a new and better way, to listen and to love."

Fire fighters arrive at the serviceReuters
Fire-fighters came to the service too.

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