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Your snow pics!

It's been snowing so that means there's only one thing for it - a gallery of all your wonderful winter photos!
Jack and Daniel are 9 and 8. This is them with their Dad and a GIANT snowman in their garden in Kenilworth, in Warwickshire! Wow!
Family with snowman in garden
Freya is 7 and in Shropshire. She's showing her baby sister, Esme the snow for the very first time!
A girl and her baby sister in the snow
Poppy and her Mum, Philippa and Dad, Paul have built this amazing snow man and snow dog in Tattenhall, near Chester! Wow!!! Poppy is 2.
Snowman and dog with parents and daughter
Lilya - who's 7 - is loving this snowball fight with her Grandad, Charles in Llandudno.
Lilya and Charles having a snowball fight
Evie, (6), Jake (3) and Molly the dog are loving the snow in Cwmbran
Two kids and a dog
Look at Kira and Josie chilling out with their snowman in Cambridgeshire. They've dressed him in a lovely lemon scarf and hat. Good job they're all wrapped up.
Two girls with a snowman
Nuala, who's 10 and from Harlow made these two snowmen. Good work, Nuala!
Two snowmen with carrot noses.
Ethan is 6 and from London. He's made a snowman and a tiny little snow dog . His school was shut so he was up early playing in the snow.
Ethan and his snowman and snowdog
This is Katie and Daniel's dog, Molly enjoying the snow! Katie - who's 13 and her brother, Daniel - who's 10 - don't have school today so they're going to build a snow dog to be a friend for Molly!
Dog in the snow
What a happy little snowman with a great hat! Ronith and his sister Humshika made him in Wiltshire.
Two children and a snowman
Nice jumper! Beth sent us this photo of her dog who's now named 'Santa paws' in the run up to Christmas. What a fantastically festive furball!
Dog wearing a Christmas jumper
Wow that's a lot of snow! Matilda sent us this snap from Wales. You'd need high wellies to play in that without getting wet feet.
A snowy garden
Snowbody can resist building a snowman! Check out 11 year old Martha's handiwork in Leicester. He looks very cool!
Snowman with stick arms
Twins Amy and Fred have made this cracking snowman in London. They're massive Newsround fans so which presenter is this?!
Twins with a snowman
Woah! Watch out Kiran's just thrown a snowball at us! She's been out and about causing mischief in a chilly London.
Girl in hat outside in snow
Forget making a snowman, how about building a snow gorilla like Alice and Holly in Buckinghamshire?!
Girls and a snow gorilla
A reindeer dog? A rein-dog?! Marley looks pretty cute with these antlers on in the snow. Maybe Santa will want him to help pull his sleigh this year!
Dog wearing antlers
Look at those shiny buttons! What an ace snowman Hannah and Daniel have made in Rugby. Great work!
Boy and girl with snowman
Gabriela and Anya made this amazing snowman with a scarf made out of leaves. They're 8 and 9 and live in Herefordshire
Two girls with a snowman
Jack is 8, Amelie and Georgie are both 5 and Jenson is 4. They are neighbours and made this great snowman in Telford in Shropshire.
Four children with snowman