Spinning pizza dough is an art form according to UNESCO

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If you love a pizza you might have been to a restaurant where the chefs spin the raw dough to make the classic pizza shape before putting the toppings on.

Impressive stuff you might think but did you know it's actually a form of art?

Well it is now! Cultural organisation UNESCO has just added 'Pizzaiuolo' to a list of important things which should be preserved.

It's called the list of 'Intangible Cultural Heritage' and it includes practices and skills that people believe to be a part of their cultural heritage.

Man spins pizza doughGetty Images
The people of Naples have been practicing Pizzaiuolo - the spinning of pizza dough- for generations. It's a skill that is taught by Master Pizzaiuolos to their apprentices.

Children are also taught the art of Pizzaiuolo so they can pass it on to future generations.

What's the Pizzaiuolo secret to a perfect pizza?

The art form has four stages.

  • The first involves rolling the dough into balls.
  • The second stage includes stretching and spinning the dough until it's ready for the pizza toppings. This is known as Schiaffo , and the dough stretches and stretches like elastic!
  • In the third stage, the Master Pizzaiuolo spreads tomato sauce on first. Then the rest of the ingredients are sprinkled from the centre and then outwards in a clockwise movement.
  • The fourth and final stage involves baking the Pizzaiuolo in a wood-oven and then turning it with a pizza shovel, so that it's baked evenly. The oven is very hot, so the shovel is long to stop hands from getting hurt.
Pizza in the ovenEPA

Pizza is really important in Italian culture, after all, they invented the original pizza party.

Making and eating pizza is part of the way people celebrate being part of a community so that's why people are happy that UNESCO has officially said Pizzaiuolo is important.

It's hoped it will help people keep this slice of history going. Dough-licious!