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Supermoon: Super pics from around the world

A supermoon can only happen if it's a full moon and if the moon is closer to Earth than usual. Check out these stargazingly great photos!
A supermoon looks bigger and brighter than usual because it's closer to our planet than normal. This photo was taken of it above Marseille in southern France. Don't those birds look tiny!
Supermoon seen above MarseilleAFP/Getty Images
How annoying. You're about to take a brilliant picture of the supermoon...and then a plane takes off and gets in the way! It does look pretty cool though!
An aircraft in front of the supermoonNasa
Imagine being in a car on this road and seeing the supermoon above looking like this! This snap was taken near Yangon in Myanmar, South East Asia.
Supermoon above YangonAFP/Getty Images
This picture was taken in Hong Kong from a balcony. Looks like they were too busy admiring their plants to move them out of the way!
Supermoon above Hong KongAFP/Getty Images
This photo shows the supermoon rising over Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It was at its brightest at around midnight UK time.
The supermoon above Abu DhabiAFP/Getty Images
This was the moon rising over Washington in the United States. Don't worry if you missed the sight as there are going to be two more in January next year!
The supermoon seen from Washington DCNASA