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Pictures: Historic Photographer of the year winners announced

Do you like a bit of photography? Maybe you love historic places? Or maybe you just like a pretty picture, well check out these winners and runners up from the Historic Photographer of the year award.
This shot was snapped by Matt Emmett from Reading and won him the overall competition. This creepy corridor shows just how quickly nature starts to takeover when humans leave. It shows an old Royal Air Force base which was loaned to American soldiers to use as a hospital. Handed back to the UK in 1995, the base has been empty since.... It wouldn't be nice to be stuck there in the dark!
A corridor in an RAF baseMatt Emmett/Historic Photographer of the year
Jenna Johnston captured this image of a 12th century Abbey and it was enough to win her the public vote. Jenna took the picture during a class trip, she said "That class, and that trip, sparked my enduring love for medieval architecture." Well the general public loved it!
AbbeyJenna Johnston/Historic Photographer of the year!
You can’t beat a good sunrise with some pretty clouds. A castle in the shot doesn't hurt either! Stephen Cooper from Ryton took this great picture of Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland. It might have just been a runner up but we can all agree its a pretty picture indeed!
Bamburgh CastleSTEPHEN COOPER/Historic Photographer of the Year
This is a 1940's Spitfire Mk. Vb and it is one of the main things that helped to save Britain during the Second World War, a real piece of history snapped by Keith Pointon! Over the left wing you can see the original World War Two control Tower that would have helped planes land during the war.
SpitfireKeith Pointon/Historic Photographer of the Year
These beautiful temples are in Bagan which is in modern Myanmar. The city and area around once had over 10,000 temples! These days only around 2200 temples remain. Ana Caroline de Lima caught the moment hot air balloons drift over the temples, showing the old world meeting the new.
BaganAna Caroline de Lima/Historic Photographer of the
Daniel Sands from Wimborne was given special access to an old World War Two bunker, which would have given protection from bombing runs by German planes. With the help of an electrician, Daniel set up some lights in the dark tunnel to take this image. It's a little bit creepy isn't it!
WW2 BunkerDaniel Sands/Historic Photographer of the Year
Mathew Browne from Carmarthen was another runner up with this colourful picture of the 13th century Caerphilly Castle. The castle was lit up in red to celebrate the Welsh football team's progression in the Euro 2016 competition.
Caerphilly CastleMathew Browne /Historic Photographer of the year
No, this isn't a massive stone rocket ship; this is the Scott Monument in Edinburgh. John Paul Aitken caught this powerful image during a photography trip with friends.
Scott Monument in EdinburghJP Aitken/Historic Photographer of the Year