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Leicester City 9-0: Southampton beaten equalling Premier League record

Leicester City equalled the record for the biggest ever Premier League victory against a 10-man Southampton on Friday night. But it's not the first time that a team have recorded a headline-making score. Read on to find out more.
It was a big night for Leicester City who equalled a 24-year-old Premier League record when they beat Southampton 9-0 on Friday night. The scoreline matches Manchester United's 9-0 win against Ipswich in 1995, after Jamie Vardy buried a penalty in stoppage time. Both Vardy and Ayoze Perez scored hat-tricks.
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The United States recorded the biggest ever victory in the Fifa Women's World Cup when they crushed Thailand 13-0. The 2015 winners were 3-0 up at half-time, scored four times in 10 minutes in the second half, and then added six more goals in the last 16 minutes.
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Manchester United and Leciester City aren't the only top flight teams to see a score of 9-0 on the board at full time though. Manchester City achieved the same result against Burton Albion in the League Cup at the start of this year - one goal shy of the record set when Liverpool beat Fulham 10-0 back in September 1986.
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One of the most famous thrashings EVER was suffered by Brazil at the World Cup in 2014, in Brazil. They'd got to the semi-final playing well, but then crashed headfirst into Germany who inflicted an embarrassing defeat on them. Germany were 5-0 up at half time and it ended 7-1 with Oscar getting his country's only goal. It was a truly shocking sporting occasion and fans all over the world couldn't believe what they were seeing.
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These smiling guys are the first team at Pelileo Sporting Club. In May 2016, they beat Ecuadorian rivals Indi Native...wait for it... 44-1. The only ray of light was that only 200 Indi Native fans were there to watch Pelileo's striker Ronny Medina scoring 18 goals. You'd think that was the record, wouldn't you? But because it was only Ecuador's third division, and not considered top-level football, the Guinness Book of Records awards the biggest thrashing ever to...
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...Arbroath Football Club. Don't be fooled by the media on the roof - the famous match took place way back in 1885 when they beat Bon Accord by 36-0. This photo was taken when they got a visit from Rangers in the Scottish Cup in 2012. That wasn't the only high-scoring game that historic day, though. Dundee Harp also beat Aberdeen Rovers 35-0 too.
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