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Unicorns: What's the deal?

It feels like unicorns are everywhere at the moment. But why is everyone so obsessed with them, and what myths do we know about them?
Have a look in your pencil case or your friends' schoolbags... is there anything in there with a unicorn on it? We bet there is! It feels like unicorns are everywhere right now. The department store, John Lewis, says that online searches in their shop for the word "unicorn" has nearly doubled in the last year! So what do we know about these mysterious creatures?
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Stories about unicorns have been around for thousands of years. The mythological creatures are like horses with a single curled horn. This picture was taken at a winter solstice ceremony at Stonehenge in Wiltshire. The woman wearing the papier-mache head, said she thought the imaginary creatures were beautiful.
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Meet ballet star Rainer Krenstetter dressed as a unicorn during the Lifeball at City Hall in Vienna, Austria. Unicorns are often shown as pure white, but in stories they can be any colour - from jet-black and brown to dazzling gold, brilliant red or pink.
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Is this a picture of the Forbidden Forest? Unicorns were really important to one famous baddie - can you remember who? Lord Voldemort of course! In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, He Who Cannot Be Named needs to drink unicorn blood to stay alive. In the world of Harry Potter, killing a unicorn is seen as a terrible crime.
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Unicorn outfits are great for dressing-up parties and make pretty cool costumes. This chap is called Parker, and his owners gave him this unicorn horn for a Halloween Parade in the town of Sacramento in California. It's very cute-y, but not that spooky considering it's for Halloween!
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Unicorns have exploded into all sorts of extra non-horsey things too. Have you seen a unicorn cupcake or even multicoloured unicorn slime? This one looks delish!
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No-one knows where the idea of unicorns came from. Many people in the Middle Ages really believed that unicorn horns could heal sickness. Many of the horns that were shown off as unicorn horns actually came from other creatures, like rhinos and also these animals - narwahls. These strange mammals look like unicorn whales! Narwahls are also known as the unicorns of the sea.
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