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Pictures: Wildfires rage in California

Lots of different fires are going on in the US state of California.
Fierce fires are raging across nine counties in the US state of California.
Flames light up the night skyReuters
The fire service is battling 15 separate fires from the air and on the ground.
Fire truck next to flamesEPA
A state of emergency was declared in northern areas of California, including Napa, Sonoma and Yuba. Around 20,000 people have fled their homes.
Fire fighter trying to put out fireReuters
This helicopter has been dropping water on the fire in strong winds in the city of Orange in southern California.
Helicopter dropping water over fireReuters
Residents watch efforts to put out the fire on from a hill.
People watching helicopter dropping waterAFP
These horses are being evacuated from their fields to keep them safe as strong winds blow smoke and fire in Orange.
Man leading horses awayAFP
Planes are being used to drop this red powder over the wildfires. It is supposed to dampen down the flames and stop the fire spreading.
Plane dropping powder to try and stop the fire spreadingReuters
It's not yet known how the fires started but high winds and hot, dry weather have made them spread quickly.
Burnt treesGetty Images
The glow of the wildfire in Napa in northern California lights up the night sky.
Fire lights up night skyAFP