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The 2017 World Conker Championships

Thousands go bonkers for conkers at the annual Northamptonshire competition.
The annual World Conkers Championships took place in the village of Southwick, Northamptonshire. There were 230 competitors from 14 countries!
Two girls smash conkers together as someone unseen observes holding a clipboard.Tom Carlill
Adults and children are allowed to take part in the championships, some even like to dress in silly costumes.
A man and a woman smash their conkers, the man is wearing a yellow and black chequered suit and the woman is wearing a unicorn onesie.Tom Carlill
The rules of the game are simple: playing in pairs, each player takes three turns to hit their opponent's conker. Whoever smashes their opponent's conker first, wins!
A basket full of conkers with their laces, ready to be played with.Tom Carlill
Six Chelsea Pensioners turned up for the competition this year, wearing their famous bright red uniforms and black hats.
A Chelsea Pensioner wearing his uniform competes with a woman wearing a puffer jacket.Tom Carlill
Benjamin Wallace is this year's Junior World Champion.
A boy wearing an orange jumper concentrates as he aims his conker.Tom Carlill
Cadet Faith Weatherington is this year's Intermediate World Champion.
A girl in cadet gear and a boy looking on watch her conker flying in the air.Tom Carlill
And here are the 'conker'-ing King and Queen! King Conker on the left is Chelsea Pensioner John Riley, and Queen Conker on the right is charity worker, Julie Freeman.
A Chelsea Pensioner and a woman, both wearing crowns decorated with conkers, hold their trophies aloft sitting in chairs that say 'King Conker' and 'Queen Conker'.Tom Carlill