Strictly Come Dancing: Rev Coles voted off

Last updated at 07:01
Rev Richard Coles

Reverend Richard Coles is the second celebrity to leave the Strictly dance floor.

After a disappointing performance on Saturday's movie night show, Richard ended up in the dance off against chef Simon Rimmer.

Reverend Coles and his professional partner Dianne performed their Paso Doble to the Queen song Flash! from the movie Flash Gordon.

But the judges weren't blown away and they all voted to save Simon and his partner Karen.

rev coles

After the show, Richard said: "It's been a joy. Every minute of it I've enjoyed, even when Dianne was hissing through her teeth "feet, frame, feet, frame", it's been completely joyous. I only forgot to reckon into my strategy that I can't actually dance!"

Dianne said she'd "had the time of my life and he is a friend for life".

Just another week to go now until the 13 couples still in the competition will take to the dance floor again! Keep dancing!