The Terms and Conditions jargon-buster

The Children's Commissioner for England has helped to make a jargon-busting guide to help kids make sense of confusing terms and conditions on social media.

When you sign up to Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, you automatically agree to the way they do things. That means you're signing up to a strict set of rules.

Instagram's latest terms and conditions are made up of 5,000 words. Licence, liability, disclaimer and copyright are just some of the words that feature heavily.

Anne Longfield is the Children's Commissioner for England. She hopes their new guide will clear up some of the confusion.

The new guidelines have cut the number of words to just a few hundred with headings and bullet points.

They also spell out what social networking sites are allowed to do with your information.

These new, simple Ts and Cs are just advice - there are no plans for the social media companies to use them. But the people behind them hope it will help you to better understand your rights.

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