Fifa set to lift ban on displaying poppies during football games

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England and Scotland poppiesGetty Images

Fifa, the body in charge of world football, is expected to lift the ban on displaying the poppy after talks with football associations in the UK.

Last year, the organisation fined England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for their use of the poppy to commemorate Armistice day, describing it as a political symbol.

England and Scotland wore the poppy on black armbands during their World Cup qualifier at Wembley last November.

Wales and Northern Ireland were fined for displaying it in their stadiums.

What's changed now then?
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Last week Fifa is understood to have sent out a new plan that could see the poppy allowed if opposing teams and the competition organiser for the relevant match both accept its use.

The new law is expected to be passed in time for November's international games, which are to be played between 6 and 14 November - a period that includes Remembrance weekend.

England are set to play Germany in a friendly at Wembley Stadium during this time and it is understood the German Football Association has no problems with the use of the poppy.

England players are now expected to either wear armbands with a poppy on them or have the poppy stitched on their shirts.