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Pictures: Powerful earthquake hits off Mexican coast

Millions of people in Mexico have felt an earthquake which struck late on Thursday evening. The Mexican president says it's the worst one in 100 years.
An earthquake measuring 8.2 magnitude has struck off the southern coast of Mexico. The country's president says it is the strongest quake there in 100 years.
Crack in groundEPA
It happened just before midnight on Thursday 7 September, causing buildings to sway and people to run into the street for safety.
People sitting outside on streetAFP
The tremors were reported to have lasted up to a minute. This woman points at the damage to her home in Veracruz state.
Woman pointing at damaged houseEPA
At this hospital in Villahermosa, patients and doctors were forced to move outside to stay safe.
Hospital staff and patients outsideEPA
Guests were evacuated from this hotel in Mexico City and gathered outside.
People standing outside hotelAFP
A tsunami warning was issued for Mexico and other nearby countries, with the possibility of three-metre-high waves.
Damage on streetAFP
Severe damage has been reported in the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas. At least 33 people are thought to have been killed.
Pile of bricks and rubble on streetEPA