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World records: Five of the weirdest ones ever set

With news of extremely long fingernails and a woman with more than 8,000 teddy bears - it can only mean a new set of Guinness World Records.

Other records for 2018 include the longest pet cat's tail (44.66 cm), and the longest human eyelashes. Pictures: Weird and wonderful World Records

But what are some of the weirdest records ever set? Newsround's been taking a look...

1. The most Big Macs eaten in a lifetime

Biggest record for Big Mac'sGuinness World Records

You might be a fan of a beef burger or two, but could you stomach an average of four a day?

This record was set last year by American Donald Gorske who has eaten a total of 28,788 Big Macs.

He typically eats fourteen each week, but he doesn't actually spend that much time in McDonalds restaurants. Instead he buys the burgers in bulk and microwaves them at home.

In the last 44 years, there have been only eight days in which he hasn't eaten one of the famous snacks!

2. Biggest jigsaw puzzle made of tents

Aerial shot of dragon on beachGuinness World Records

A total of 900 tents were used to make up this picture of a Chinese dragon on a beach in Qingdao, Shandong province in China.

From the sky it looks pretty impressive, and the 2012 judges from the Guinness Book of World Record agreed - giving the team behind it the record for "the largest jigsaw made of tents".

3. Most slam-dunks by a parrot in a minute

Parrot Zac with his basketball hoopGuinness World Records

This is a pretty wacky record, and unless you've got a pretty exceptional pet parrot, it's unlikely to be a record you can beat!

Zac the Macaw from San Jose in California managed to get 22 rubber balls through the hoop in just 60 seconds.

This isn't Zac's only record either! The year before he took the record for the most cans opened by a parrot in one minute, managing to get through 35.

Pretty impressive!

4. Most wins in the Gurning World Championships

Picture of record holder showing her 'gurning' face.Guinness World Records

This record is a really random one! Anne Woods has won the competition for being the 'biggest gurner' a record 27 times between 1977 and 2010!

So what is the Gurning World Championships?

The odd sounding competition is held at the Egremont Crab Fair in Cumbria, every year.

It was established in 1267, which makes it one of the oldest fairs in the world. The winner is whoever can pull the ugliest face.

5. Largest Cozy Coupe

Little Tykes car

This record was created this year in honour of the Little Tykes yellow and red car that some of you may have in your garden shed, or may have played with when you were younger.

You might remember hearing how John and Geoff Bitmead's created a special adult-sized version of the car.

Well now the invention has also earned a Guinness World record for their 2.7 m long car!

Sounds like getting this record was child's play for them.