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Pictures: Fans dress up for Comic Con in London

Take a look at the great costumes fans have dressed up in for London's Super Comic Convention.
Who's your favourite comic book super hero? These two are clearly big fans of Ironman.
Two people dressed as IronmanGetty Images
And here's another Ironman, along with Marvel Comics character, Captain America.
Ironman and Captain AmericaGetty Images
No problem guessing who this father and daughter are big fans of!
Father and daughter dressed up as SpidermanGetty Images
Clearly Spiderman isn't used to taking the stairs so he took a rest and had a look over some of the stalls at the event.
SpidermanGetty Images
Who's Robin spotted coming out of the lift? Batman of course!
Batman and RobinGetty Images
But watch out Batman, Joker is around too!
JokerGetty Images