Rare white koala born at Australian Zoo

Last updated at 07:29
A rare white koala with its mother at Australia Zoo in QueenslandTourism Australia/Australia Zoo
Experts say a light-haired koala like this one would struggle to survive in the wild

A rare white koala joey has been born at a zoo in Queensland, Australia.

Zookeepers say it is very unusual to see a koala with fur this light and with eyes and skin remaining the usual brown black.

But said the koala's white coat is not caused by a condition called albinism, which is when a human or animal doesn't have the chemical in its hair, skin and eyes that creates colour.

The koala clings to its motherTourism Australia/Australia Zoo
The cute koala has delighted visitors at Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo have now asked the public to help name the rare koala.

Suggestions so far include Snowflake, Diamond, Pearl and Djendaladi, meaning "white-haired" in the Noongar language.