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Pictures: US enjoys amazing solar eclipse

The long-awaited solar eclipse has moved across the US and treated space watchers to one of the most spectacular sights that you can see from the Earth.
This was one of the first pictures that Nasa published showing the Moon starting to move in between the Sun and the Earth. This was visible from the west coast of the US. It looks a bit like the Moon is 'taking a bite' out of the Sun.
Moon moving across the SunNASA
People in South Carolina are seen here getting ready to enjoy the show with their special protective eclipse glasses.
People watching the eclipse from South CarolinAFP/Getty Images
The world didn't have long to wait before the very first pictures of the total solar eclipse could be seen. You can see the light from the sun's atmosphere glowing around the outside of the Moon. This is called the corona.
Total solar eclipseNASA
People on a flight from London to the US were equipped with special protective glasses to enjoy the solar spectacle from up in the air! We bet they got an amazing view.
People watch eclipse from planePress Association
Here is the view of the total solar eclipse from Hopkinsville in Kentucky, which was nicknamed 'Eclipseville' because it is such a good spot to see it from.
Eclipse in HopkinsvilleNASA
You can see just how excited people in 'Eclipesville' are to be watching such a stunning space show!
People watching in HopkinsvilleNASA
US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were seen looking up at the solar eclipse from the balcony of the White House in Washington
US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania TrumpAFP/Getty Images
In the moment just after a total solar eclipse has happened, the Sun will peek back around from behind the Moon, like it's doing here. This happens as the Moon continues to move around the Earth. This creates an amazing effect which is known as the diamond ring. You can see why! It's one of the impressive moments during a total solar eclipse.
Diamond ringNASA
It's safe to say that millions of people across the US won't be forgetting this once-in-a-lifetime moment for many years to come.
People watching the eclipseGetty Images