Solar eclipse: How to make a pinhole camera

On Monday, many people across the UK will be able to see a partial solar eclipse - providing the weather is good!

A solar eclipse is when the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth, so it blocks the Sun's light. This casts a shadow over part of the Earth.

During a partial solar eclipse, it looks like the Moon is 'taking a bite' out of the Sun, as it won't cover the Sun completely.

In order to watch this happening, you must not look at it directly.

One of the ways to get involved is by using a pinhole camera. This handy video shows you how to make one.

Or you can get your hands on some special glasses, which are darkened and filtered to protect your eyes. To find out where you can get some of these, you could speak to a local science museum, astronomy clubs or even your school.

The total solar eclipse on Monday will only be visible in parts of the US. Find out more about it with this guide.

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