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The Premier League turns 25

Seven sensational snaps from the very first season of the Premier League, which turned 25 years old on 15 August.
Meet the first ever Premier League goal scorer! Sheffield United's Brian Deane was the man who scored first and it was against Manchester United. The two teams kicked off on 15 August 1992 and Man United were starting their 27th season without being Champions.
Brian DeaneGetty Images
Before August was over, another big occasion came along. Eric Cantona, the star striker from reigning League Champions Leeds United, scored the first hat-trick of the Premier League era. That came against Tottenham on 25th August 1992. Wonder what ever happened to him?
Eric CantonaRex Features
Unlike now, when the Premier League first began, foreign players were very unusual. Of the 242 players that started the 11 matches on the opening weekend of the 1992 season, just 13 weren't British or Irish. Norway provided eight players, including the Liverpool full-back, Stig Inge Bjornebye.
Stig Inge BjornebyeGetty Images
The top goal scorer award went to Teddy Sheringham of Nottingham Forest with 22 goals. He started the season playing for Forest, but was bought by Tottenham Hotspur for...£2.1 million! Bargain! That probably wouldn't even get you one of Neymar's boots!
teddyGetty Images
Being a manager was a slightly more permanent job when the Premier League started. Only one manager was sacked during the season and it was this guy - Ian Porterfield, the manager of Chelsea. Former player David Webb took over for the rest of the season.
Ian Porterfield,Getty Images
Who was the best young player of the year? Well, it was Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs. He played in over 1,000 matches and is the player with the most cups and medals in all of world football. He also played for a long time, retiring in 2014 after 23 years at the club.
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Championes, championes! The first Premier League champions were Manchester United. They and their manager Alex Ferguson (not a Sir then!) went on to win another 13 Premier League titles. But it's been an unlucky number for them so far, as they haven't won one since he left in 2013! United were 10 points ahead of second place team Aston Villa, where the man on the left of the picture, Steve Bruce, is now manager.
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