What's life like for kids in North Korea?

A new cartoon from the super-secretive state of North Korea has given a glimpse into what life is like for the kids who live there.

In the cartoon, the big angry tiger is meant to represent the US, and the hero hedgehog is North Korea.

That's because cartoons in North Korea are controlled by the government, who decide what they want children to watch.

All TVs and radios are tuned to state channels and people caught listening to foreign broadcasts face harsh punishments.

These controls mean that most North Koreans may have little or no idea of world events, or how their country is thought of by the outside world.

North Korea is in the news at the moment because its leader Kim Jong Un and US President Trump have been saying threatening things to each other.

But what's it like to grow up there? Ayshah's been finding out.

There's more on life in North Korea here.

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