Donald Trump tells North Korea to stop sending threats

Last updated at 07:31
Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un

There has been a big argument between the United States of America and North Korea.

It's happened many times before because the government in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, has been testing Nuclear weapons.

Reports in the US say North Korea has now made nuclear missiles small enough to reach America.

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Rocket test in North Korea, image released 04/03/2016KCNA/AFP/Getty Images
This image of a rocket test was released by North Korean state media in 2016

What is a nuclear missile?

A nuclear missile is a powerful bomb.

Bombs like this can affect people and the environment for years after the bomb has been dropped.

What is being done about this?

Countries have been angry with North Korea for a long time because of their nuclear testing.

And this is just another part of an ongoing argument between America and North Korea.

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What's going on in North Korea?

This is partly because America has for a long time supported South Korea.

Donald Trump is the latest US president to send warships and submarines to South Korea.

He is trying to get North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to stop his weapon-building plans.

Kim Jong-unAFP/Getty Images
Kim Jong-un is the current leader of North Korea

The United Nations has even got involved. They are a group of countries who come together to make rules so that everyone can live in peace.

They have asked North Korea to stop building weapons .

After the new reports of smaller missiles, American President Donald Trump has warned North Korea to stop threatening the US.