Comments: Do you mind your parents sharing school uniform pictures?

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Chat: Do you mind your parents sharing school uniform pictures?

It's the end of the summer holidays. Some of you are already back at school, some of you will be going back very soon!

And this year you might be starting at a new school for the first time.

One thing that many parents might do - especially if you're starting at a new school - is snap a picture of you in your uniform to post on their social media.

Do your parents do this? We asked you what you think about it.

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Your comments

Parents should have to ask permission because we could have something sour in our mouths and then people who look at it might think we look funny. People might then see us and think that we are weird. Parents could accidentally put too much personal information on social media.

Lucille Hunter School, North Carolina, USA

You should be careful as your uniform has your school badge on.

Jessica, 8, Worcestershire

I think your parents should ask your permission before they post. Lots of my friends have seen pictures of me on their mum's Facebook and it's embarrassing.

Leni, Edinburgh

I like it because we can look back at the pictures and compare them every year. It's like an online photo album.

Kieara, Edinburgh

I don't mind it. It's all memories.

Cayden, Edinburgh

I worry about internet safety and people seeing my school jumper and knowing my name and what I look like.

Baillie, Edinburgh

I think it's up to my parents. They wouldn't post anything that shouldn't be there.

Damian, Edinburgh

We think that we don't know who our parents' friends are on Facebook. If they take a picture of me they could send it to people I don't know. They should only send it to family, even then the pics might be sent to someone else by accident or the account might be hacked. School uniforms shouldn't be photographed either because someone could track you to your school from the logo.

P6, Oakgrove Primary, Glasgow

My parents don't send photos of me in school uniform every year and even if they did it I wouldn't really mind. I think if they want to send it's their choice and they are allowed to. My parents will always ask my permission before sharing a photo of me.

Krish, Hong Kong

I think that parents shouldn't share children's school uniform pictures because you don't know who's going to like it, re-tweet it or share it online and it's only embarrassing for the little ones and I think it's dangerous.

Joseph, 14, Northamptonshire

I don't mind and I don't think your parents should have to ask permission to take your photo - after all they are your parents.

Jack, 11, Edinburgh

I think parents should be more careful sharing any photos of their children in uniform because often they have the school logo in and you never know who might be looking at your profile.

Sarah, 14, Wiltshire

I don't mind my parents taking photos of me in my school uniform because I can see what I looked like when I was younger and make memories.

Ela, 12, Yorkshire

My mum takes a picture of me every year and my siblings and I hate it so much and she sends it to all of my aunts and uncles.

Paige, 12, Ireland

I would mind as strangers would know which school you go to.

Lara, England

I think that it is ok, if your parents account is on private. It's showing they are proud of you!

Max, England

My mum took loads of photos when I started year seven but she never shared any of them online. We kept them to ourselves and only shared them with people we speak to everyday that we know and trust.

Alice, Kent

I don't really mind. My mum put it on social media but only our family and friends could see the photo which meant that nobody we didn't know was seeing it.

Sameeha, 12, London