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Surf dogs take to the waves!

Check out these dogs riding the waves at the World Dog Surfing Championship in America.
Dogs and their owners headed down to Pacifica near San Francisco in America to compete out on the water. Some decided to surf together, like Homer and his dog Skyler.
A human surfing with a dogJack Owicki
Others rode the waves on their own, going head to head against dogs of a similar size. Abbie came first overall in the finals!
A dog surfingTasteTV/Steve Linder
And some even competed two to a surfboard. Dogs Derby and Teddy look very steady here.
Two dogs on a surfboardJack Owicki
Cherie rode into second place in the medium dog category. No matter how big or small, the rules state that all contestants - both dogs and humans - have to wear life jackets.
A small dog surfingTasteTV/Steve Linder
And they're watched by a panel of judges, who look for things like how confident the canines are on a surfboard. Look at Tristan and Beans in action.
Two dogs surfingJack Owicki
Each dog gets 10 minutes to show what they can do and tricks can get them bonus points. Is Teddy facing the wrong way? Or does surfing backwards get more points?
A dog surfing backwardsTasteTV/Steve Linder
For those not so keen on getting wet, there's a fashion contest. And a chance to chill out on the beach and watch the competition. Here's Derby rocking sunglasses and blue hair.
A dog wearing sunglassesTasteTV/Steve Linder