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Royal horse Daniel puts up his hooves after 15 years

He's been in the same job for 15 years carrying around some very precious cargo. So what does being the Queen's carriage horse involve?
At a first glance Daniel looks like any other horse enjoying life in his paddock. But he's actually used to a lot of responsibility resting on his shoulders.
Daniel sitting on the grassMark Richards
He's got more time to hang out with his neigh-bours all day now, after retiring from his very important job: pulling the Queen’s carriages.
Daniel with his horse friendMark Richards
This means he's been at the front of lots of very important events, like the Trooping of the Colour, State Opening of Parliament, and the Queen's Birthday parade.
Daniel leads the processionReuters
The role also means he has some special privileges. While the Queen's husband Prince Philip has to walk behind the Queen, Daniel gets to go in front!
Close up of Daniel leading the Queen's carriage.Matthew Powers
But he's no one-trick-pony. Before working for the Queen, Daniel worked for the Metropolitan Police before taking up the job as the Royal carriage-puller with his stable mate Storm.
Daniel and Storm at the front of the procession.Matthew Powers
It's unlikely the Queen will forget this very important member of her team anytime soon - especially with this statue of Daniel and Storm taking pride of place in Windsor. He's also been featured on a stamp after becoming a bit of an animal celeb.
Statute of Daniel the horse.Getty Images
But after 15 years working hard, he's putting his hooves up, and swapping Royal duties for a life of getting muddy in the beautiful Chiltern Hills. Great job Daniel, it sounds like you've earned it!
Daniel rolling on the groundMark Richards