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Super rare tigers photographed in the wild

WWF photographer, Emmanuel Rondeau takes pictures of rare tigers in a remote area of Bhutan
WWF photographer, Emmanuel Rondeau used a camera trap to take pictures of a rare wild tiger in a remote area of Bhutan. There are only around 100 tigers left in the wild in that country.
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Bhutan is in South Asia, it's a tiny country between China and India. This area is very mountainous, quite remote and covered with lush forest. There are only around 3,900 tigers remaining in the wild. The main causes of the low numbers have been the loss of their homes because of people cutting down trees and hunting.
Bhutan mountainWWF
These pictures show that the endangered big cats are using stretches of land that connect protected areas - called 'wildlife corridors'. The charity WWF think these areas should be protected too.
Wild TigerWWF
Children in Bhutan have been learning about wild tigers and how to keep them safe.
Children in Bhutan learning about wild tigersWWF
With the help of wildlife charity WWF, governments and other organisations all over the world, global wild tiger numbers have increased from as few as 3,200 in 2010, to around 3,900 today. Though progress has been made, the WWF think more needs to be done.
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