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MPs' guide to taking a school photo

The UK's top politicians show you how to pose for your school pictures.
MPs in Westminster have posed for their official portraits. The pictures are taken after the election so people know what their MP looks like. Here's what you can learn from the UK's top politicians for your school pictures...
Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Swinson, Philip Hammond, Andrea LeadsomParliament.UK
Make sure your collar is in order. Rory Stewart has his shirt collar on top of his jacket collar... Oops!
Rory Stewart MPParliament.UK
He's not on his own though. Labour's Lloyd Russell-Moyle forgot to tidy his collar up too.
Lloyd Russell-Moyle MPParliament.UK
Another common problem is what to do with your hands. Labour's Ruth George has gone for keeping her hands by her side...
Ruth George MPParliament.UK
...while her Conservative colleague Sam Gyimah has gone for hands together in front. Sam hasn't opted for a smile though...
Sam Gyimah MPParliament.UK
...unlike Amber Rudd. Big smiles from the Home Secretary.
Amber Rudd MPParliament.UK
Another question you might face is jacket open or closed? Do you go undone, like Bill Cash here...
Bill Cash MPParliament.UK
... or jacket done up, like Michael Gove? So many things to think about when you pose for a picture. Hopefully our MPs have given you a little expert help.
Michael Gove MPParliament.UK