Check out the 300-year-old deep-sea worms

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SeawormsChemo III project / BOEM / NOAA OER
Check out these 300 year old deep-sea worms!

Deep-sea worms are not the most exciting or active creatures from looking at them.

But scientists researching them have found that they have one big thing going for them.

The team thinks that these wave dwelling worms could have life spans of up to 300 years or even longer in the deepest parts of our oceans.

Jeanne Calment of France, the oldest human on record, only managed to get to 122 years old!

One problem the team had was, working out how old the creatures could grow to...

So lead researcher, Alanna Durkin from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and her team used information from another study of worms to make a computer program to work it out.

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The team think that, Escarpia laminata could be one of the longest living creatures in our oceans!

Alanna also said "It's possible that new record-breaking lifespans will be discovered in the deep sea, since we are finding new species and new habitats almost every time we send down a submersible,"