Chat: What are you doing in the summer holidays?

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The summer has arrived!

Lots of schools have now broken up for the summer holidays - so that means a few weeks of fun!

We want to know what you've got planned for the holidays - will you be seeing a film at the cinema or trying to read as many funny story books as you can?

Perhaps you're going on a holiday or plan to build a den in your garden with your friends or family?

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I am going to Aldeburgh for 7 weeks


I'm going to loads of camps then to Los Angeles! I'm so excited!!!!!

Eliza, London

I am going to London zoo and also going to the London tower to see the crown jewels.


I'm going to Deerpark Forest in Cornwall. It is very fun! I went there last summer. There's even a duck race.


Over the summer I am going to travel all over the country competing in canoe slalom!

Isobel, Staffordshire

I'm going to see Despicable Me 3 on Sunday with my mates.

Joseph, 14, Northamptonshire

In the summer holidays I am going to Tenerife. I am going with all my family. I am most looking forward to going on the beach because then I can play cricket.

Harry, 7, Wokingham