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Sports stars' superstitious habits

Ball girls and boys at Wimbledon have revealed their list of individual players' superstitious requests on court. But tennis stars aren't the only ones with 'lucky' routines - here are some other sporting celebs and their superstitions.
Rafa Nadal is famous for all the routines he carries out before and during matches. Most famous of them is the way he pulls his shorts from his bottom, plucks at his t-shirt shoulders then wipes his face before every serve. Sadly for Rafa they didn't help him at Wimbledon 2017 when he was knocked out before the quarter-finals.
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2016 Wimbledon Champ Serena Williams is apparently very superstitious. She especially likes to wear lucky socks and, believe it or not, she won't wash or change her match socks at all until each tournament is over! Phew-wee!! They probably get a bit pongy - but it seems to work for superstar Serena!
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Novak Djokovic comes bouncing into the list with his habit of bounce, bounce, bouncing the ball loads of times before he serves. Sometimes he does it 30 times! He says: "On the important points, I try to focus more and with that focus comes the ball bouncing... I'm not trying to irritate anybody, just trying to focus."
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Goran Ivanisevic is one of the most popular Wimbledon winners ever because he was always such good fun on court. When he won in 2004, he said part of it was because he relaxed after every match by watching Tellytubbies! Eh-oh!
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"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" According to Wayne Rooney's book, when he played at Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo had loads of pre-match rituals. But one you might not be surprised about was that he'd stare at himself in the mirror for ages - getting himself pumped up and ready for action!
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No one has won more Olympic medals than Michael Phelps - 23 of them golds. So what's his secret? Could it be his pre-race ritual? Here's what he'd do - he'd walk poolside listening to Michael Jackson on his headphones, then he'd take them off and spin his arms round three times. Not twice, not four times, but always three. With arms that long he definitely needs to get them warmed up!
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