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Six dramatic drone shots

Check out some of these amazing pictures of the fourth annual Dronestagram & National Geographic Photo Contest.
This entry is from Dubai-based drone photographer, Bachir. It's easy to see how this shot got him to first place in the Urban Category. Bachir captured this shot early in the morning and you could mistake it for a shot from a Hollywood blockbuster. He said the area was "literally a desert 10 years back and now became a concrete jungle with the highest buildings in Dubai."
Concrete Jungle by BachirmBachirm / Dronestagram
This pic shows just how different things can look from the air. This shot of a tractor harvesting flowers from a field in France caught the judges eye and won 'jcourtial' (real name Jerome) First Prize in the Nature category. Jerome has been working on his aerial photography for a number of years. He bought his first drone for work and loved using it. Jerome said he wanted to thank his girlfriend for her patience as they waited ages "to find the perfect spot".
Provence, Summer trim by jcourtialjcourtial / Dronestagram
This colourful composition brought American Martin Sanchez the first prize in the People Category. After a long day of shooting with his drone, Martin was heading back home and noticed an empty tennis court. With half his battery used up he sent his drone into the air to try some abstract photography. Martin said the person in the picture came to the court to play a game of tennis and was quite confused by what he was doing, "When I was all done, I showed them the final result and both of them said Ohhhh! I get it."
End of the line by Martin SanchezMartin Sanchez / Dronestagram
Did you think this was a picture of a big black snake winding through some grass? Well actually it's a twisting mountain road in Romania captured by Calin Stan. Calin was photographing roads for his Transylvania Roads Project when he caught this amazing view of something people would only usually see from ground level. The judges loved it too and Calin got to second place in the Nature Category. Calin says "I feel that the drone set me free to discover and conquer infinite angles."
Infinite road to Transylvania by Calin StanCalin Stan / Dronestagram
Check out this colourful peek into the traditional Vietnamese river life! This pic won Helios1412's second place in the People Category of the competition. Unfortunately the talented photographer who took it didn't have anything to say when asked about their picture. Maybe they wanted it to speak for itself. Either way it is a beautiful picture and deserves its award.
aHelios1412 / Dronestagram
Photos have a great way of showing you something from a totally different point of view. This shot of workers cleaning a tower is a great example. Alexey Goncharov snapped this with his drone one morning before he started work. Alexey said the workers on the side of the building caught his eye because he "liked the way their work looked from that perspective: they seemed to wash the city itself, not just the building's windows." It might have only managed to get to second place but we think it's pretty special.
Mercury Tower by alexeygoAlexeygo / Dronestagram