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Celebs and their surprising secrets

Wayne Rooney revealed he's been wearing Everton pyjamas over the last 13 years, despite playing for Manchester United! Here at Newsround, that got us thinking about other weird and wonderful habits that celebrities have...
Wayne Rooney shocked fans on Sunday when it was revealed he would be leaving Manchester United to play for his old team, Everton. But that wasn’t the only surprise - he also revealed he’d been wearing Everton pyjamas over the past 13 years!
Wayne Rooney
You might know Simon Cowell from The X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, but did you know Simon has his own unusual talent? The TV judge says he loves to climb trees and it’s something he does everyday.
Simon CowellGetty Images
Frozen was a movie all about love, but the actress who voiced Anna, Kristen Bell, has a strange love of her own. The actress says she can’t control herself around sloths and cried tears of joy when one came to visit on her birthday!
Kristen BellGetty/Flickr/KatieCowden
A takeaway shop might be the last place you expect to see a Premier League footballer like Ashley Young, but if you do see him there you might notice one of his odd habits. The Manchester United winger says he can only eat his chips in equal length pairs and hunts for the perfect match.
Ashley YoungGetty Images
Justin Bieber has been wowing audiences for years, but he also wows them with another skill. The singer has a talent for Rubik’s Cubes and has impressed his fans by solving the difficult puzzle in less than 90 seconds.
Justin BieberAFP
Fernando Alonso is best known for his ‘magic’ on the Formula 1 racetrack but you might not know about his magic off the track. The McLaren driver likes to impress his friends and teammates with card tricks. He's such an, erm, joker!!
Fernando AlonsoGetty Images