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Independence Day: America celebrates its national day in style

July 4th is America's Independence Day, have a look at how they celebrated in style
Wow, pretty spectacular eh? This is the Capitol Building in America's capital city Washington DC. It's like America's version of the Houses of Parliament. That statue on top is called the Statue of Freedom and has been up there since 1863!
capitolGetty Images
New York always likes to go bigger and better - so fireworks weren't enough. The city also lit up some of its famous landmarks - like the Empire State Building - in the American colours of red, white and blue.
NYCGetty Images
Parades are a big deal on Independence Day. Schools and offices are closed for the day, so it's a good chance for family time. Kids often take part and ride on buses or floats - this one took place in Alameda, California.
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This is the White House, where US President Donald Trump lives and works, as have many Presidents before him. They went for a nice and simple flower display.
white housePool/Getty
Have you ever seen a flag this big?! This is the largest freestanding Stars and Stripes ever. It was inflated at the De Baun Athletic Complex in Hoboken, New Jersey. The huge balloon is also being flown in the upcoming 30th annual New Jersey Festival of Ballooning.
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One bad thing about Independence Day is that it's a holiday in America and lots of people take the opportunity to hit the road. That can lead to MASSIVE traffic jams. This queue is just outside San Francisco. Imagine being stuck in that!
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And it's not just the US that pays tribute on Independence Day. In a sign of friendship Bayern Munich's stadium was also lit up with the flag of the United States of America. Looks like a crazy UFO!
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