Houston, we have a pattie!

This takeaway has gone where few takeaways have gone before - into outer space!

A Hull chip shop has sent this pattie and chips 37km into the sky, attached to a weather balloon.

The savoury pattie, made from fried mashed potato, is a signature food in the region.

It was launched from a site in Sheffield, travelling to the edge of the Earth's atmosphere, before floating back down to land in a field in Lincolnshire.

Craven Park Primary School in Hull will be looking at the journey the food has been on, studying the experiment as part of a science project.

They want to try and learn more about the Earth's upper atmosphere, temperature and pressure.

With the city of Hull celebrating its special year as UK City of Culture, the team behind the flying dinner said they wanted to make sure people couldn't help but learn about the city and it's local delicacy.

Unless they'd been living on another planet, of course!

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