The Voice Kids: Who are the teams after the Blind Auditions?

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The Voice JdugesRachel Joseph

It was an important episode for The Voice Kids on Saturday, with the judges filling the last few places in their teams, from the final batch of Blind Auditions.

Will had the most acts to find, with four spots left to fill on his team, while Pixie needed to be the most picky, with just two spaces left.

The performances were as strong as ever, and all three judges now have 12 singers each.

But they don't get to enjoy having all those acts for long - next week we'll see the battles round, where the judges have to trim their teams down to just four singers each.

So here's how the complete teams are looking, for now...

Team Will

will.i.amITV pictures seems pretty happy with his line-up, saying that his contestants are "all superstars".

His youngest act is 10-year-old Lil' T from Leicester, who wowed the judges with 'Shutdown' by Skepta.

Lil T with will.i.amRachel Joseph

Will pressed his button for him within a few seconds, and even jumped up on stage to convince him to pick him as his coach.

He also bagged 13-year-old Francesca from Buckinghamshire, and 14-year-old Adam from County Clare who all three judges wanted.

His other acts are: Brooke from Milton Keynes, Perry from Norwich, Jake from Wigan, Sara from Nottingham, Dominiyka from Cambridgeshire, Victoria from Bath, Marby from Kildare, Ireland, Gina from London, and Cole from Leeds.

Team Pixie

Pixie LottITV Pictures

Pixie says she's 'over the moon' with her team, saying every one of her acts are "amazing".

She says she's happy to have "a little bit of everything", with lots of different styles represented in her group:

From Zena and Lewis who are pop performers like Pixie herself, to Sophie who performed Prince's classic anthem 'Purple Rain', and Amaria and Chi who have a soulful style.

And Pixie even has a stage performer on her team - Miriam has already performed on the West End in three different musicals!

LeahRachel Joseph

Pixie also has the youngest contestant, Leah, who's just eight-years-old, and sang a song from her favourite Disney film - The Little Mermaid.

Pixie's other acts are: Jess from Essex, Riccardo from Rochdale, Devon from Dublin, Erin from North Yorkshire and Tabi from Lincolnshire.

Team Danny

Danny JonesITV Pictures

As a rock star himself, it's not surprising that Danny's team includes most of the rock acts which made it through the Blind Auditions.

Jack and Danny onstageRachel Joseph

Jack from Norwich wowed all of the judges with 'Freefallin'' by John Mayer, but picked Danny as his judge after he jumped up on stage, handed him his own guitar, and joined him performing 'Sweet Child O'Mine'.

While Courtney from Hartlepool appeared shy at first, but transformed into a rock star when she started singing.

Erin L from Essex was brave enough to pick one of Danny's own songs - 'All About You' - and left him seriously impressed with her twist on his song.

Danny's other acts are: Tilly from Sussex, Jude from Port Talbot, Jessica R from Essex, Hayley from Berkshire, Juno from London, Nathan from Larne in Ireland, Millianna from Gloucester, Hollie from Kent, and Eboni from Birmingham.

Next comes the painful process of cutting two thirds of the acts!

Three singers will now compete for just one spot, because each coach can only take four singers through to the semi final.