Five facts about the Navy's biggest ever ship

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The Royal Navy's new warship is setting sail for the first time in Fife in Scotland on Monday afternoon.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the biggest ship ever built for the Navy, and will be taking part in tests at sea.

Here are five gigantic stats for a gigantic ship...

1. The deck is 280 metres long and 70 metres wide - which is enough space for three football pitches!
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2. Normally around 700 people will be working on board - but there's space for up to 1600 if aeroplanes have landed on deck.
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3. There are 364,000 metres of pipes inside the ship.
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4. There's enough food for 45 days of meals for all the staff on board.

The entire ship's staff of 700 can be served a meal within 90 minutes.

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5. The boat weighs 65,000 tonnes - which is about the same as 16,000 elephants!
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