COMMENTS: Holidays - favourite place or somewhere new?

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Do you prefer to go to the same place on holiday or not?

It's getting nearer to the time when many of you will be thinking about summer holidays.

So which kind of holiday do you prefer?

Do you like to go to on holiday the same place... or visit somewhere new every time?

One psychologist has told us he thinks kids prefer to go to familiar places and that the urge to travel the world comes when you're older.

We thought we'd ask you and find out!!

So what do you think - is it more relaxing going to on holiday to somewhere you've been before, where you know the routine, where everything is, and maybe even have friends who are also there?

Or do you like to go to new places, explore with your family and maybe make new friends?

Get in touch and let us know!

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I like to go to the same place in Cornwall every year but this year I will also be going to Devon!

Finn, 9, Bristol

For my holidays I like going to Seattle, USA cause my auntie and uncle are there and I have so many memories. However I like going to different places all the time as I love to explore!

Fraser, 9, Alloa

I love going to my favourite place - Bovey Tracey, Devon because I love spending time on holiday with my cousins.

Jessica, London

Christ Church Charnock Richard CE Primary School got in touch...

I go to Cornwall every year - I wouldn't want to go anywhere else!


It's good to go somewhere new, so I can experience different places.


I like to go to the same places because I know my way around and I know I won't get lost while I am there.


You could go to the same country, but stay in a different area- that way you can still see something new.


I like cruises because you get to go to lots of different countries all in one holiday!


I like Spain, because the pool table is really fun and you can splash around in the pool I also like the food. I went with my mam, dad and sister - I had a really fun time.

Dylan, 10 , South Wales

Egypt because there is lovely people there are nice beaches and shops and there was a really nice camel that I rode every day. The hotel was the best and there was nice entertainment in the night.

Kiara, 9, Wales

I like going to Bank Farm because the beach is close, the pool is nice and I get to spend family time.

Siôn, 10, Cardiff

I loved it when I went to Mexico. I really liked the warm weather and the hotel I went to. I love to explore!

Seren, 9, Nelson

I love going to the Isle of White because there are amazing sights and the trip is lovely. There was lots of family bonding also their was lots of activities like the butterfly house.

Isobel, 10, Wales