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Fancy taking a bite out of an Ed Sheeran cake?!

Ed Sheeran, Celine Dion and Jamiroquai have all been turned into life-size edible cake figures for a special anniversary.
Take a look at these incredibly life-like cake sculptures of pop stars Jamiroquai, Celine Dion and Ed Sheeran. They've been created by a professional baker to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the O2 music venue in London.
The cakes were created by famous food artist Lara Mason, and took around 500 hours to make! Each cake is a different flavour, for example Ed Sheeran's is gingerbread flavour.
The cakes were made from 400 eggs, four and a half stone of butter and 23kg of caster sugar and flour and their heads are sculpted from white chocolate! Celine Dion is praline flavour.
Celine DionPA
The life-size cakes will go on display at the O2 arena as part of their birthday celebrations, and people can pose for a photo with the cake when they go. Crumbs!