Chat: What will you be doing this sunny weekend?

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Lots of places across the UK are set for some super sunny weather this weekend - what are you planning to do to make the most of it?

Will you be going to the beach or the park?

Or maybe staying in your garden to read a book, play a fun sport or have a picnic?

Perhaps you are going to see family or friends or chilling inside because it's too hot outdoors!

Whatever you're planning on doing this weekend, be sure to let us know!

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Your comments

This weekend I am in Devon and I am going to go in the pool every day because the weather is so nice.

Bethany, Hereford

I'm going to a birthday party and we're trampolining, watching a movie and having a water fight. Then I've got friends coming over for a barbecue.

Iris, 11, England

I will be going to Thorpe Park

Emilia, 10, Bracknell

I am going to town to buy lots of food and going to the park.

Camron, 9, Nottingham

I'm visiting family and going strawberry picking as it's my birthday today!

Chloe-Louise, 8, Tamworth, Staffordshire

I'm going to Axe Vale Festival

Tia, 7, Shute, Devon

Tomorrow I am having a BBQ

Alfie, 12, Barnsley

Where I live its raining so I am just gonna chill and watch CBBC

Sara, 9, Scotland

I'm going to the Weston Air Show, I love The Red Arrows

Libby, 10, Weston Super Mare

I will be watching my Dad doing park run and I'll be cooking with my mum.

Jessica, 16, London