The little hedgehog who has puffed up like a balloon

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Here is the hedgehog being weighed by the vet

Meet the hedgehog who looks a bit like a beach ball...

He was rescued by RSPCA inspectors in Cheshire, after he was found wandering around puffed up to twice his normal size.

He was taken to a special vets in Sheffield, where he was diagnosed with 'balloon syndrome'.

It's a very rare condition which can be caused by an injury or infection - meaning the hedgehog puffs up with air under it's skin, like a balloon.

Hedgehog x-rayRSPCA/Peak Vets
Here is an x-ray which shows how much the hedgehog had 'puffed up'.

The hedgehog is now on a course of medicine and specialist treatment from the vets to help release some of the extra air.

He will be cared for at the rescue centre until he is ready to be released back into the wild.