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Pictures: 200 years of the bicycle

This month marks 200 years since the first bicycle was invented.
This month marks 200 years since the first time a two wheeled bicycle was first invented and used.
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This is what it looked like. Almost entirely made of wood, the Draisine was invented by German, Baron Karl von Drais in 1817 and is the first bike invention that was verified.
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Not content with two wheels, three wheeled tricycles soon became popular after this.
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In 1860, the "boneshaker" bike became popular. Made out of a metal frame and with pedals on the back wheel, it was sleeker and easier to ride than other bicycles of that time.
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After this, the high-wheeler or penny-farthing, as its known, was developed with a huge front wheel and small back wheel.
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In the 1880s, the more practical safety bicycle was made, with similar sized wheels. Biking then became a popular way of getting around for men and women.
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200 years later and we've got a huge choice of bikes, so grab your helmet, stay safe, and enjoy having fun on your bike.
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